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  1. I just got my acceptance today! I’m curious about their accreditation though, as I’m sure most people are… has anyone spoken with Macie about this? She didn’t have an appointment available until mid august. The program seems so wonderful! I hope everything works out with accreditation, I’d love to attend this program.
  2. It looks like a one-on-one interview. They sent a follow up email with the name of my interviewer and a link to the portal where they had a few videos about the programs, but none of those videos would work for me. Their interview process has 6 stages listed, with the first interview being number 3. Does anyone know if this means we'll have 3 separate interviews on different days if we make it through each step? I'm a little confused.
  3. It’s been 3 weeks, but I thought more of us would’ve heard back by now..
  4. I haven't heard anything from them. I submitted my CASPA on 5/17. Anyone not even receive confirmation yet?
  5. Wait what... So what happens to the people that applied for this cycle? Are they planning on letting us know or refunding us our application fees? I was going to be sending in my supplemental application with my application fee soon.
  6. Is anyone still waiting to hear back after their interview?
  7. I interviewed o 8/27 and still haven’t heard back yet
  8. Has anyone else heard anything after their interview?
  9. What time did you get the acceptance? And was it by email or phone call? sorry, I interviewed the same day and I’m super nervous lol. But congratulations on your acceptance!!
  10. I spoke with Deidra on Friday. She said we should be receiving an email on Monday 8/10 with instructions and a confirmation on date and time of our interviews. She said the interviews will be held the week of 8/17 (next week)
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