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  1. I don’t think there’s a group yet. I’ve chatted with a few other accepted student here already, excited to meet y’all!
  2. Do any of you know if they’re willing/able to hold luggage? I’d rather not leave it in the hotel.
  3. That I’m an alternante and I could be let known as late as the day of the interview and to make myself available. I am also local though. **Someone had asked what the e-mail said, don’t know what happened to their post**
  4. Anyone else just get an alternate to interview email?
  5. Same! I was verified July 23rd. Initially I also had some email issues with them and I never actually got my primary review email. I reached out to them in late August and they said they had sent it July 29th. I had neverrr received it. At the same time there was something going around online that caspa and outlook emails don’t work well together. I switched my email over and haven’t had too much of a problem since but it still adds to my worry.
  6. Kinda worried that there’s only a month left and I haven’t even made it to second review...
  7. Anyone else not receive either a rejection or interview yet?
  8. Hello, I will be interviewing Monday, November 4th! I'm arriving on Saturday (muuuuchhhh cheaper to fly) so I will have lots of free time if anyone is interested in exploring/going out to eat. Also, do any of you know if UAB does their rotations locally?
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