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  1. I am from Overland Park but have lived in Iowa for the past 5 years for undergrad and post grad full-time work!
  2. Got accepted today! I interviewed 6/26 - best of luck to everyone still interviewing! Btw, my acceptance came via email not phone call!
  3. I applied last year and I was put on interview hold initially and then shortly after was offered an interview! But, I also applied later in the cycle. I was put on interview hold for this year on 6/19. From my past experience, it seems like interview hold is the first step before being offered an interview for the majority of applicants.
  4. I haven't heard anything since replying either! I read on the website that it sounds like it is an individual interview. Im sure they will do an overview of the program and stuff beforehand! And thank you, good luck to you also!
  5. I submitted my supplemental application last Thursday 6/4 and received an interview invite today!
  6. At the October interview session they told us there would be one more session!
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