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  1. I am on the waitlist as well. Hopefully we hear good news soon!
  2. Congrats on acceptance! Did they mention how many they accepted and/ or the process of acceptance going forward?
  3. Has anyone heard anything? It almost feels like we will never know.
  4. Hoping to hear something soon!
  5. Glad to find more people from the interview. Please keep in touch and inform of any contact from MSJ! Ill do the same.
  6. I submitted in May, 22nd 2020. We were the first round of interviews. So don't worry too much. You could hear from them still. I can DM you my stats
  7. I have not heard anything. I did sent over some unofficial GRE scores this morning. I wish we could have had an opportunity to get everyone's' names and contact information. I really loved the group I interviewed with and I hope they all become my class mates.
  8. Anyone who interviewed Friday 6/19 on here?
  9. Starting a thread for the 2020 application cycle.
  10. I have not received a confirmation email yet. Congrats on the interview! When did you submit and get confirmation?
  11. Thank you. You too. I have submitted and received confirmation.
  12. Good Luck everyone. Hope I have the honor of meeting you all. I has submitted and received confirmation
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