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  1. If we haven't heard by next week, we probably won't hear from them at all. I heard that their interviews were in early September.
  2. The portals offered for this school is made to ensure you have completed your supplemental application and paid the supplemental app fee. There is no indicator of the status of your application.
  3. I emailed the admissions due to not receiving a confirmation email. I wanted to ensure they would consider my application. They responded that all required documents have been received, but that was it. I considered calling Shonda Powers (You can reach me via call or text at 606-268-6718 or via email at shonda.powers@ucumberlands.edu. ). This is the last school I need to hear from, and I am considering taking a few classes this fall 2019 semester to better my application for next cycle. But if I do not drop the class prior to August 30th I will lose A LOT of money.
  4. I sent mine 07/3 and it was verified the Monday after that. I have not received a confirmation at all. I emailed the admissions person (which I did not want to do cause I seem annoying now). But I just want to ensure they got it so I can be considered for admission.
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