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  1. Hello! I am beginning to GRE prep but do not know which book to buy to get started. I heard the 5lb book of problems by Manhattan Prep and Magoosh prep course is good. I am not sure if I want to take a course yet, but want to know if the 5lb book will suffice or do I need to supplement with other books? I did take the MCAT in the past with a below average score after a poor attempt of self-studying and 1 round of prep course.
  2. Recently, I decided to pursue the PA route and need to take Anatomy/Physiology 1 and 2 with lab and Microbiology with lab. One of the schools require Immunology/Virology too (Did anyone need to take this class for their prerequisites?). I graduated with my bachelor's and currently working full time. I am having difficulty finding a class I can take that fits with my work schedule. I was able to sign up for Anatomy/Physiology 1 at a local community college, but unable to sign up for the rest due to time conflict or not available at other community colleges. Can anyone suggest alternatives in ho
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