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  1. I made a facebook group so we can get to know everyone! It is called Midwestern University Glendale AZ Physician Assistant Class of 2022 https://www.facebook.com/groups/644252322767971/
  2. I was wondering this too! I did get an invite to download the Schools App through Midwestern, but I don't think that app even has a "facebook group" like function.
  3. End of June. I am a student here though for my Master of Biomedical Science, and we have an articulation agreement given we meet GPA and GRE requirements that we get an interview. So I think I was just on a list and they called me with 4 days notice because someone cancelled. I do know for a fact that they interview through December because the professor that helped prep me says her scheduled date to conduct interviews isn't until end of December. So they will be scheduling until then! Also, I know TONS of people get in off the waitlist, up until like 5 days before school starts! Good luck everyone!
  4. Got called for an interview this Friday (9/20)! Super excited!
  5. Hey guys! I loved the group interview format! I recommend that you look up current events in the PA world and how the field is changing. The interviewers are given your personal statement but not your grades, so they had some notes on direct questions based on things you wrote, so make sure you know your stuff about you well! Otherwise, just relax, it is very conversational, be social with the other people in the interview, and keep your answers short and concise! Good Luck!
  6. Finally got an acceptance e-mail. So there is about a 4 day delay! Good luck to everyone!
  7. I had a rental car, but I am also 25 so it was much cheaper! It was nice to drive around and be on my own schedule, but if you aren't 25 and have to pay the underage fee it might not be worth it!
  8. MY PORTAL CHANGED AND HAS AN ACCEPTED STUDENT CHECKLIST!!!! I'm literally shaking right now I'm so happy! Check your portals!
  9. FYI my interviewer said they would be reviewing everyone who interviewed on 8/1, 8/5 and 8/6 on Thursday morning (8/8) and we could look for portal changes as soon as that afternoon.... I'm not sure if I love this fast turn around or am terrified by it! By the looks of last years form if you are waitlisted your applicant check list would change, if you were accepted you would then have something under the "accepted checklist." And it seemed like last year there was a lag time between the portal change and admissions actually contacting you, I expect that will be the same this year Good luck everyone!
  10. Hi Everyone! I e-mailed ATSU's admission department and they referred me to someone in the Central Coast Program. I asked about their accreditation status and their timeline for interviews and here was her response! Hope this helps some of you! Thank you for reaching out for info on the CCPAP program. Since this program is in development, the anticipated site visit for provisional accreditation is planned for later this Fall (by December at latest I have heard). They are accepting applications and reviewing apps now however they will not be able to offer interviews until early Spring so they are going to send out 'hold' letters to those who've applied to let you know their status of interviews. I know it is quite late in the cycle to do interviews but that is the best they can accommodate now with the facility under construction. You will be receiving communication on the status and hopefully by Spring you will hear some good news if offered an interview!
  11. Hi everyone! Did anyone with interviews receive this e-mail first? And if yes: how long did it take for you to hear from them again? Thank you for your interest in the Rutgers Physician Assistant Program. Your application is under the review of the Admissions Committee, and we have selected you to move on to the next round of screening. This does not require any action on your part. We do not have any further update for you at this time. We have an exceptionally high volume of applications this year and we appreciate your patience through this process. We will contact you again as soon as possible. I'm taking this as a good thing since I didn't have a science of 3.2 (but my Master GPA is a 3.86) so I take it they accepted my letter and are overlooking that I don't have the minimum requirements!
  12. When looking at my account (and I have an interview so I know it is marked complete) I only have two letters of rec and my GRE scores showing, so I think as long as you have those then you should be good! If you don't have the green check marks and you think you should I would just e-mail the admission email address (admissaz@midwestern.edu). I also got a conformation email verifying that they had all my documents. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi! Submitted Caspa 6/28, verified 6/30. I got an interview for 8/5! Also I e-mailed the admission office and asked if they do traditional or MMI interviews and was told Traditional. Overall: 3.30 Science: 3.17 GRE: verbal-158, Quant- 156, analytical- 4.0 PCH: 2500 (outpatient medical scribe) Volunteer: over 1000. I got an interview through the articulation agreement with Midwestern Downers Grove Masters of Biomedical Science Program, so they just had to confirm I met the minimum requirements and had a 3.0 in my program with them so my turn around was pretty fast.
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