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  1. It took about 11 weeks for me to hear back
  2. I was waitlisted around the same time. Congratulations to all the people who got accepted!
  3. I just received an interview for this Friday! Such short notice but I’ll take it!!! Good luck to everyone!
  4. Oh awesome! I must have blocked that out from nervousness
  5. I don’t recall them saying a timeframe, but in previous years applicants heard a week or so later (according to previous forum years). Fingers crossed for both of us!
  6. I thought it was super relaxed! Both of my interviewers seemed like they wanted to know me and my “why”, and did not want textbook answers. Definitely more laid back than other interviews I have had this cycle.
  7. I emailed them after 2 weeks per the instructions, and she emailed back and said they will be reaching out to us in the order that the supplementals are received. It’s been almost 4 weeks since I submitted the supp now and I haven’t heard anything. I’m sure we will hear soon!
  8. Nope, I have not received anything except the email to look out for more emails haha. UPDATE: I did receive an email tonight with some information about interview day
  9. I have not. Today is the end of the 2 weeks since submitting my supplemental, so I will probably email this evening or tomorrow.
  10. I will probably email tomorrow if I don’t hear anything! Since tomorrow is the deadline and I am annoying
  11. Congratulations! Have you received any confirmation after RSVPing to the interview? I have not and RSVPed on Monday.
  12. Received an interview this evening for August 1st! CASPA verified 06/07. Looking forward to meeting you all on Zoom!
  13. Confirmed this same date as well. It is the 8th week so hopefully we hear something in the next few days!
  14. I got waitlisted yesterday as well! 2nd time applicant so really trying to stay positive!
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