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  1. I appreciate your time to explain your experiences. You answered many of my concerns thank you! Also I agree it’s time to see fresh faces for the PA career! Wish me luck!
  2. Thank you so much for your response! That’s unfortunate about the guy who wanted only black CCHTs but I’m glad things were able to turn around for you. Thank you for the reassurance! Also how is your clinical phase going? And what was your Bachelors degree if you don’t mind me asking?
  3. Thank you so much, This helped me with my nerves a little because I sometimes feel like this field is getting more popularized by the year! hopefully now I can make a discussion on my B.S major too. Thank you!
  4. Hello I'm new to this website and forum but I have a plan to continue my education to become a Physician Assistant specializing in Dermatology. I wanted to hear from PAs or students who are in the minority specially the African/black community. I am a 24yr old Female, Jamaican-american. I plan on applying to a PA program here in Florida in the next 4 years, and was hoping to get some more information and advice please!! I will be attending an accelerated program (5-6months) to be a Medical Assistant (Sept.- Feb. 2020). After I am licensed in MA, I would like to reapply to UCF for my
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