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  1. I just got offered a Skype interview! For a waitlist position. Thankfully I’ve been accepted elsewhere in Texas so I declined but hopefully someone else is offered the interview!
  2. Christopher called me today after being accepted yesterday because he didn’t receive an email from me afterwards! He said they are getting ready to send out welcome letters next week. I also got an email from the graduate college today and my status on the self service portal changed to admitted!
  3. I just assumed it was getting all the basic stuff checked out, back ground checks, vaccinations, transcripts, etc.
  4. Just got accepted from sept 20 interview! I’m shocked, it’s been so long!!
  5. I would say call back if they left a voicemail saying they are from Drexel!
  6. Interviewed nov 20 and just got a call about an hour ago for an acceptance!
  7. I just got an interview for February! I actually submitted first week of June so thought I was forgotten
  8. How many people have heard back from the nov1st interview? The wait and anxiety has been driving me crazy
  9. I’m coming in sept 20th from Fort Worth, is there anyone else coming from the DFW area and does anyone know the closest airport to fly into?
  10. I received an interview this morning for September 20th! I never sent my transcripts separately!
  11. It says on their page that we hear within two weeks of the deadline about interview or rejections. Tomorrow should hit the two week mark and I haven’t heard anything after my Casper invite July
  12. No, on the phone she just said they are still reviewing so I’m assuming no one has been informed! Goodluck to everyone though
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