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  1. 8 years in, feel similarly. Pay is good - Job is stressful - Hospitals/Admins care about 1 thing and 1 thing only - profits
  2. Ventana... Typically I think your advice would be great about joining our state and National organizations, and allowing our lobbyists to make a difference. The reality is (and without giving away too many specific details) I reached out to our state lobbyists well over a month ago regarding blatant discrimination and restriction of PACs practice. I haven’t gotten any acknowledgement back. Not an auto generate response, not an email, not a phone call, nothing... It is very discouraging to me, and makes me wonder just what is being done with our membership
  3. Obviously taking the maximum employer match is step 1 (agree with all of the above). The question is... after that do you continue to contribute to the 403b (Small tax break each year on the contributions) but you pay a management fee. Or take the extra money, and invest it on your own (Obviously you can fund the same ETFs or Mutual Funds that employers have available in the 403/401, but you can also invest in individual stocks. I missed the GME/AMC boat
  4. A finance question to throw out there to all... I was always told that maxing out your 401K/403B is the ultimate goal for a stable and comfortable financial future. Asides from taking advantage of whatever your employer match is, is there any benefit to contributing additional money into a 401K or 403B as opposed to doing it yourself? Sure, you get a small tax deduction for the year, but end up paying taxes on those gains down the road All of these plans charge fees (usually quite nominal) however I could invest my own money for free... I am struggling with cont
  5. It is extremely interesting to see projected number of jobs: PA-C 39,300 APRN 110,700
  6. I have a family member who works as a school psychologist. The mental toll that this pandemic has taken on the youth of our nation will be very long lasting. Mental illness surging, depression, anxiety, fear, etc. I don't think healthcare workers have given up, just some taking a well deserved mental wellness break. I have zero issue with someone going skiing (or any outdoor activity that you can maintain social distance for that matter), having a "inner circle" family member or friend over for a get together, or *GASP* even supporting a local business and dining at a restaurant!
  7. People have lives to live. I don't think it was a poor decision at all. If her daughter-in-law is in their "inner circle" I have no issues when them spending time together. Because someone works with vulnerable patients, they are unable to see immediate family? How long do you expect them to isolate and seclude themselves for? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? Are medical clinicians and staff not allowed to go to grocery store? Not everyone there wears full PPE. Not everyone maintains 6 feet of distance in the aisles... Plenty of people who are completely anal abo
  8. Very interesting reading this thread/forum: Our hospital's Occupational Medicine department has a "Very High Risk Exposure" list. If you meet the criteria "a high risk exposure" and are asymptomatic, they expect you to continue to work under the condition you are tested for COVID at day 2, 6, 10, and wear an N95 mask during your entire shift. After reviewing the latest CDC guidance, this is against the guidance... Very interesting...
  9. I actually stumbled across this job and thought "What a great way to make some extra money." Then I saw $25/hour, laughed, and closed the job description out. They are looking for someone who is bilingual, and PA-C, for $25/hr. That is laughable.
  10. Sorry, but I completely disagree with your logic. I have worked with doctors and PA's who have graduated from very prestigious schools, with top honors, who are very poor clinicians. Poor bedside manner, and lacking common sense and ability to work through differential diagnosis... Just because you are good at regurgitating information onto a piece of paper... in no way, shape, or form, does that correlate to being a good clinician.
  11. Too many people in PA school cared more about their GPA, and being "the best" than helping other classmates. It is kind of pathetic really. I was always happy to share my knowledge, notes, etc with others... I believe a GPA less than 2.7 you were placed on academic probation.
  12. My supervising physician just got done with his internal medicine board exam - took it from home, open book open note. NCCPA should push this through ASAP.
  13. Just banned all students from our hospital. Just banned all visitors from our hospital. Covid cases amongst hospital employees up substantially over the past month.
  14. I agree as well. I never order any tests either. I literally got a note from a cardiologist early this week. CAD stable, patient doing well with no reported chest pain or SOB. echo shows....... "As for the patient's ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle, I leave that in your perfectly capable hands."
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