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  1. Got my rejection. My prerequisite GPA was 4.0, last 40 credits 3.65. 4,454 volunteer, 3000 PCE..... oooo well imma be a PAAAA at a way cheaper school, I start August 31, lol good luck to you all
  2. Actually had a chance to rewrite my personal statement
  3. Hey If you have any questions just ask, I'm in the 1st cohort, starting this fall
  4. It's unreal still, keep working your right time will happen !
  5. Congrats to you all, wish yall the best, be patient with waiting on the accreditation, I had to do the same for another school. I haven't gotten a reply back from the school after the top 75, so I am assuming a rejection. I'm still going to be a PA, best of luck to you all
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