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  1. I haven't heard anything yet , interviewed Oct 26. I am hoping we hear something before the new year. This is my main choice. Getting ready to prep for the next cycle is draining.
  2. I have applied in May and I am kinda counting this as a rejection because I haven't heard anything at all.
  3. Hi I just called and asked about clincial rotation sites. They're still working on getting the sites. if they don't have those it will for sure delay accreditation. they also have 500 applicants right now.
  4. idk when, I know it's stressful. I would call and ask if they r going to have other interviews. doesn't hurt to call or email.
  5. I submitted Sept. 17 and paid the fee 18th and was under review the same day.
  6. I only know it's next month. they 're interviewing between 120 to 150 students total, so people still have a chance for an interview
  7. I haven't interviewed. I was about how I have 2 classing in progress. I called the school they said they just wanted to inform me so if I get interview bring updated course work.
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