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  1. Is working as an uncertified MA more valuable than working as a ophthalmic assistant/scribe? The MA position seems to be about 50% admin duties as well. The position at the ophthalmology clinic has better pay and benefits so I am leaning towards that but obviously my main priority is to gain experience that best strengthens my application.
  2. I'm a recent university graduate who is taking a gap year to improve my resume for PA school. I worked as a physical therapy aide full time for 6 months and as a ophthalmic technician assistant full time for another 6 months. Currently, I have two job offers, one as a medical assistant (no certification) for a low income community family practice health center and another as an ophthalmic technician assistant with 50% scribing duties. Between the two experiences, which would be more beneficial for my application? On one hand, being a medical assistant would be a new opportunity for me and can show some level of diversity in my resume. On the other hand, being a ophthalmic tech assistant shows focus and consistency and I've heard scribing is a good position to have. If there are other experiences that you can recommend, what would they be? Perhaps jobs that require certification would be better? Thank you!
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