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  1. would they be able to report me to the NPDB for breach of contract?
  2. I guess my main concern is if they would be able to sue for contract breach, if I give a two week notice. I've only worked there for less than a month ( 9 shifts).....
  3. My term sheet states that "I'm at will" and the contract states that either party can terminate without cause with prior 90 day written notice
  4. So I accepted two full time jobs around the same time. One at an urgent care center and another at an ED hospital. I'm in the long process of getting credentialed for the hospital, before I can work. Currently, I've been working at the Urgent care for less than a month. My original goal when i accepted both positions was to work full time with the urgent care and switch to part time/prn once i was fully credentialed at the hospital. Now the urgent care is a lot higher in volume(avg 37-45 per day) and acuity than what i was told during my interview(20-25). Also i am the only provider. Needless
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