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  1. Lmao it was a mess. I think the interview links were sent the day before but the program overview link was sent after it already started! I was freaking out and me and other students were emailing back and forth wondering what was going on and why nobody had the link
  2. I emailed and they said they check mail only on Thurs/Friday bc of the reduced staffing, also the USPS is delayed right now. I was worried too but they said it’ll all be fine haha
  3. I got my official acceptance packet this morning. I interviewed on July 20th and was accepted July 22nd for reference
  4. I haven’t either and I was accepted Wednesday
  5. When did you receive the confirmation of receipt?
  6. Thank you!! I wish you the best of luck and hope it went well!
  7. I second everything @prepajjjj said! My interview was so relaxing and comfortable, just like what everyone said in previous years! My interview was 30 mins with the faculty member and 60 mins with the admissions person but that's bc I can never stop talking haha.
  8. Just received an acceptance email! Honestly am in such shock, they said I wouldn't hear for up to 3 weeks because my interview was on the 20th. I hope I see some others get acceptances soon
  9. I haven’t done the webinar yet but yes I believe it always is the Monday of your interview week.
  10. Not really. I just got a link to my appointment time but that's it. They told me it will be with a faculty member and someone from admissions
  11. I received confirmation on June 22nd but had to send an additional LOR which they said they received by June 25th and received an interview today!
  12. I'm getting so nervous I really hope I hear back this week ahhh
  13. I'm a first time applicant too, graduating in May 2021, B.S. in applied nutrition and minor in health/wellness overall GPA: 3.81 science GPA: 3.71 nonscience GPA: 4.0 PCE: 1400 hours, including 1000 as a CNA in a hospital, 200 as an MA at a pain management office, and about 100 each as an exercise physiologist and home health aide GRE: 308, 4.5 writing Shadowing: 20 hours, including surgery, hematology/oncology, and ED Good luck to everyone!
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