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  1. Not really. I just got a link to my appointment time but that's it. They told me it will be with a faculty member and someone from admissions
  2. I received confirmation on June 22nd but had to send an additional LOR which they said they received by June 25th and received an interview today!
  3. I'm getting so nervous I really hope I hear back this week ahhh
  4. I'm a first time applicant too, graduating in May 2021, B.S. in applied nutrition and minor in health/wellness overall GPA: 3.81 science GPA: 3.71 nonscience GPA: 4.0 PCE: 1400 hours, including 1000 as a CNA in a hospital, 200 as an MA at a pain management office, and about 100 each as an exercise physiologist and home health aide GRE: 308, 4.5 writing Shadowing: 20 hours, including surgery, hematology/oncology, and ED Good luck to everyone!
  5. I just received confirmation on my application, they say they will review applications from September to early spring, but most interviews are offered by mid-December. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Ah fellow blue hen here, good luck on your interview!
  7. I had this problem as well, have you emailed them? I'm going to now but in case you already did I would like to know too!
  8. Submitted 6/15, verified 6/18, and receipt 6/19. Now we wait...
  9. Thank you for your help! My grades were "unofficially announced" so before I submitted my applications I put my spring 2020 grades in my transcript section but they won't be verified from the older official transcript. But I will re-order so that they are available for programs to view.
  10. I submitted my applications with the most recent college transcript from Fall 2019... my official Spring 2020 just was released this week and I want to send a new transcript since my GPA increased from 3.79 to 3.82... should I "re-order" the transcript again in CASPA or upload it to additional documents?
  11. Same with me, I am surprised there's this many issues. I actually realized that I can't apply this year, I thought that it was for January 2022 but it is actually January 2021 so I will have to wait a year since I won't be finished with undergrad.
  12. Can anyone provide any insight in the differences between East falls and center city? I don't graduate until June 1st 2021 and the East Falls campus has a later start date so I was maybe interesting in submitting.
  13. Starting the thread for this cycle! Submitted 6/3.
  14. Just applied, waiting for verification now
  15. Just thought I would start this thread for everyone applying! Good luck!
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