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  1. I see that you were originally waitlisted. When were you notified that a spot had come available?
  2. I was originally hard pressed to believe that the process was as random and bad as it appeared on this forum so I called to get a thorough explanation.I have now called multiple times and only had the opportunity to speak with a student employee. Megan Lawler, admissions officer, does not answer her phone or even return messages after 48hours. This speaks volumes! This might be the most ridiculous institution I have ever come across. Just think, they have a time and luck based admissions policy. How many highly qualified candidates will never have an opportunity to interview because perhaps they were WORKING at 3pm or whenever the next arbitrary time based opportunity occurs? How many will be accepted to other programs and withdraw? Do you even want to clear the waitlist for an interview. Yes, 1 or 2 people clearing the list is normally a gift to those waiting but what about when a bunch of people clear it. Isn’t that a message all by itself. To those who are actually accepted, think long and hard about who you classmates will and won’t be. Is this the program you want to associate yourself with for the rest of your career? I hope that everybody has other alternatives. I truly hope that given all we have put into this journey that we have better alternatives than this thoughtless process. I really hope that MCPHS rethinks their approach.
  3. Let’s all be real. This has all the fingerprints of a poor program. As much as we all want to be in Boston for future job opportunities this really an eye opener. They put all types of stress on us yet they can’t see their own poor performance. We all have experience with another programs as our metric. This process is beyond comprehension. The messaging is poor. The timing is poor. The honesty of 3 pm is poor. What makes anybody believe that the experience will be any different once attending. They are likely managed by same crew who runs their other program which is ranked at the bottom of the barrel. They are also at top of price range. Other than being in the coveted Longwood area, what possible reason is there to go there. Time to decline the interview and move on.
  4. The wait is killing me.... has anybody heard anything recently... either good or bad?
  5. Sorry to hear that for both of you. Looking for a point of clarification from both... were you denied without being offered an interview or were you denied after an interview. I interviewed back on 7/10 and am still waiting to hear something. The wait is killing me. Thanks and good luck with your other apps.
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