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  1. Just received an invite too!! Oct 21st here. Good luck everyone!! Congrats
  2. Congrats!!! Do you mind sharing your timeline of application???
  3. I also just received the call. Good luck everyone!!
  4. I also received the same email on 7/23 and have yet to hear my app. has completed. If you reach out keep us updated! They may be just taking their time due to increased number of applications!
  5. Got this email 4 days ago "Your application is now complete and ready for review. 5-6 weeks after the application deadline has passed, the School of Health Professions Admission Committee will meet to determine who will receive an in-person interview. We will send emails to all applicants to let you know if you have received an invitation. I wish you the best and hope to meet you very soon." Hopefully well start hearing things soon
  6. so weird question. Today I received and email from West Liberty regarding an invite to a Black and Gold day on Sept 14th?? It looks as if this is more of an admissions tour for prospective students. BUT after looking at last years discussion on here they had interviews for the PA program on Sept 14. Is this just a coincidence?? They normally call for interviews right? Did anyone else receive this email??
  7. I finished the secondary a week or so ago. Haven't heard anything yet. Has anyone else???
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