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  1. Im pretty sure this is similar to a waitlist. I also received this letter from Sept interview. I was accepted at a different program and will be withdrawing my application here. Maybe if its a numerical list of alternates this will help someone out. Good luck!
  2. Received my rejection letter today after stone cold silence for over 4 months. However, I was accepted to my top program last month. Everything works out for a reason! Congrats and good luck to everyone accepted!!
  3. I have interviewed at 3 schools. Waitlisted at 2 and haven't heard anything from the third. Good news is I was actually just taken off the wait-list at my dream school! I was told I was the first alternate. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. You don't know what spot you are on that wait-list plus you're on the wait-list and you DO still have a chance. Congrats and Good luck to everyone! Miracles do happen.
  4. I dont think there has been one started yet.
  5. I applied at the beginning of July. I just now, TODAY received the email stating they have all my requirements and are reviewing my application. LOL. I have already recently accepted a seat at another program and will be withdrawing my application. Good luck everyone! I totally thought they were just ignoring my application. Don't lose hope. In the email it states everyone will be notified of application status by April 2020.
  6. I was also placed on the wait-list today and also am an out of state applicant. I am actually withdrawing my application due to acceptance else where. Good luck to everyone!!
  7. I just received my acceptance call (earlier today)!! Is there a facebook page or groupme yet?? Congrats to everyone else accepted!
  8. I was also placed on the waitlist. I feel like from the forum it looks like everyone was waitlisted almost. Congrats to everyone accepted!!
  9. Can you clarify what the secondary email says? I submitted early July so maybe I'll get mine soon too. Dont give up yet there's still hope.
  10. I interviewed recently at another program that had a very similar drop in their PANCE scores as well. The program director addressed this. He said something along the lines that PANCE changed something about the test and put out a statement regarding the drop in scores. Apparently that happened across the board at many programs. I would not worry too much. Don't quote me on this but it would be something to look into!
  11. Anyone else keep getting the emails regarding the Graduate School open house?? Throws me off every time. Hoping to hear something else soon hahaha
  12. How long did did it take for you to receive confirmation of all your application materials and interview invite?? I received and initial email on 7/23 but have yet to receive any contact further. Is this normal? It has been exactly 10 weeks since the initial email. Thank you!
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