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  1. hey y'all! Does anyone know about rotation options? Are they able to be completed out of state or internationally? Thanks
  2. Would anyone interviewing on January 13th like to get together beforehand for coffee or dinner or anything? Just to get to know each other and have some friendly faces on interview day?
  3. Hello! Does anyone know how large is the cohort and how many people are interviewed?
  4. Does anyone know the interviewing process? Multiple dates, just one? Thanks!
  5. When did you both receive your "under review" e-mails? I'm starting to get nervous as well!
  6. Hey friends, I submitted my app in July and received my "Prerequisites are completed and verified" on September 9th. I was wondering if anyone kind of around the same boat has heard anything for if anyone knows about more interviews. Let me know! Thanks y'all, best of luck this year!
  7. Are they interviewing November 4th, 6th or both? I have seen both interview dates and that seems super close together. Also, are they sending out anymore? Thanks y'all
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