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  1. I also received that email around 9:30am on 11/4 and then I received my acceptance email around 4:30pm on 11/4. So maybe they’ve only notified the people they’ve accepted and they’re waiting to notify everyone else if they’re denied or waitlisted.
  2. Same here. I got an acceptance as well. However, I have already accepted a seat at another school. Good luck to those attending the inaugural class!
  3. To anyone interviewing at AB in the future, I live about 30 minutes from the campus and I've been taking my post-bacc prereqs there for the last year and a half. I would be happy to meet with you a day or two before your interview and let you know about the interview format as well as the campus and atmosphere. I was born and raised in WV so I can tell you all about the state and what kind of things you can do here considering it's quite an outdoorsy state. I'll be happy to answer any of your questions, just let me know!
  4. Absolutely! I interviewed on 9/10 and was accepted and I will be attending there come May! If you look back on this forum, there's a post from two current students of the program regarding the interview format and they were right on point with how mine was. They'll have everyone interviewing that day come to the school around 9:30 (or whatever your email says) and the dean will give you an overview of the program and a tour of the PA building and answer any questions you have as well as tell you how the interview is going to go. Then they'll bring in some current first year students to answer your questions and the dean will leave the room. They will start coming in to pull you one-by-one for your interview according to the time your email said your actual interview will occur. Ask the students anything you want because anything goes! They're very helpful and will answer any question you may have. After your interview, you can come back to the room and talk to the other applicants and current students some more if you like or you can leave if needed. You have no further obligations after your interview is completed. If you've never been to AB, I encourage you to take 5-10 minutes to walk around the campus so you can get a feel for the atmosphere. It's somewhat quaint and small. I live about 30 minutes from the campus and I take prereqs there now. I really like the small campus and the atmosphere. Everyone is seriously so nice and everyone seems to know everyone. As for the actual interview format, you will be interviewed alone by 2 faculty members. Mine was a PA and an admin assistant (not a PA). It's very traditional and will only last 10-20 minutes. They'll ask you the basic questions like "why do you want to be a PA?" and "What area of medicine are you interested working in as a PA?" and some just personal get to know you questions. I've heard some people say they will ask you "If you could be anything besides a PA, what would you be?" I did not personally get asked that question though. Overall, it's very lax and probably the easiest and most laid back interview you will have. Don't be nervous! They're all very nice and just want to get to know you! You'll realize that as soon as you step in the door! If you have any other questions, please let me know! Good luck!
  5. I would say that all depends on the makeup of the applicant pool that are also on hold as well as those who deny any interviews/acceptances. I would say there is some movement every year. I'm just not sure how much. I'll try to find out for y'all!
  6. Wondering the same thing! I was placed on hold in August. I'm not sure what this means. I saw one or two others post they received a hold earlier on this forum as well. I know a couple students currently in the program at AB and I'll ask them if they know what this means and let y'all know!
  7. I agree. I understand it's not their fault but finding out 2 months before you start the program is a bit ridiculous. They should've just went with a May start date. I've also already committed to my other top choice so if I do receive an acceptance, I will be turning it down so someone else would get a chance. Good luck to all still waiting and wanting to go here. I'm sure it'll be a great program but the waiting process for it is so stressful. I hope they receive their official email notification soon!
  8. It’s had that October 15 date on there forever now, that’s not new or updated lol. I don’t know what’s taking them so long!
  9. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to be classmates!
  10. Yes, I do have courses in progress this semester and I was kind of assuming that's why she emailed me asking about them.
  11. It seems like it was just an automated email because I received it as well.
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