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  1. I was also there in the morning! I was the girl who mentioned living in the area for 5ish years in our intro. Bonus, I can give advice on good restaurants and hiking areas to the out of towners
  2. Same here! Heard yesterday by email. Looking forward to meeting everyone next year! Enjoy life while you can, guys.
  3. I just arrived, is anyone here already? I'll just hang out up front for now. I'm wearing a red short sleeved blouse if anyone wants to join me in loitering! -- just saw pizza comment, will be omw shortly.
  4. I'll be driving up after work on Friday, but assuming it's a short day I should be able to make it there by 6pm!
  5. I think they're doing a couple interview days in September, November, and January. This is just based on what they offered me-- they only had Sept 27 slots left, and the next available were in November. I don't think the later date will significantly impact your chances.
  6. I'd also be interested in getting to meet folk ahead of the August 24th interview. I'll likely be staying in Charlottesville the night before if we want to do dinner.
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