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  1. Just received an interview invitation for January 17th!
  2. Hey guys! I declined my offer of acceptance for this program! I hope this opens up a spot for someone else. Good luck and congrats in advance!
  3. I also got an acceptance from the 10/28 interview! I was the afternoon group!
  4. Hi guys! I have been meaning to post, but got so caught up! I was accepted from the 9/27 morning group on 10/2! I’m so excited and can’t wait for this journey!!
  5. I sent my CASPA application on 6/25. I was confused about the secondary application for Texas Tech and submitted that in itself two weeks later after my CASPA application. I received an email about my application being complete 7/30! GPA: 3.97 Shadowing: 300+ Hours with a Doctor and Nurse Practitioner Patient Care: 150 Hours with Hospice Volunteering: 600+ Hours (been volunteering since 7th grade) Extracurricular Activities: 500+ hours (joined 12 organizations in college) It has been one wild ride, but I’m so stoked!
  6. I just received an invitation to interview 10/28 at 11:45 in the morning! Blessings on blessings!
  7. I received an interview for September 27th at 8:00 AM! I’m super ecstatic since this is my first invite!
  8. Don't panic! UTRGV calls it their "UTRGV Graduate College supplemental application." If you went to www.utrgv.edu/graduate/onlineapplication to fill out an application then you are fine. That's the supplemental application/graduate college application. There's nothing else besides that. As long as they give you your login for the self-service center or the e-mail that says in there somewhere that "Your UTRGV Graduate College supplemental application is under review by the Graduate College at this time" you're good to go! We were just all concerned that under their self-service some of us have that our GRE and transcripts aren't complete.
  9. It’s better to produce quality work that is later than poor work just to be early! Good luck! Wishing you all the best
  10. Not at all. The application hasn’t even closed yet. I wouldn’t panic. You’ll hear from them later, but I wouldn’t just say you’re out of getting an interview. It’s still too early.
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