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  1. Received an interview invite today for November 19th
  2. I received an acceptance today as well!
  3. I was just accepted into the program today as well and interviewed on 10/2! To everyone else that was also accepted, do you all plan to attend?
  4. I interviewed yesterday and was accepted today!!
  5. anyone else interviewing September 24?
  6. I also received an interview invite today!
  7. I just received an email invite for an interview! and a link to complete the CASper test first
  8. Same here! Do we know what the significance of this is yet or if everyone who meets min requirements gets placed on this?
  9. Anybody else having trouble creating your student center account? When I input the pin and my birthday it says I’m not found
  10. yes exactly it was not on my to-do list either. in addition, the website only notes that GRE scores must be sent to the office with no mention of transcripts
  11. Hi I am wondering the same thing! I filled out the residency questionnaire and never received anything after that. I reached out since I hadn't heard anything and received an email from admissions saying that I am required to send my transcripts to the Office of Enrollment Services as my transcript sent to CASPA is not considered official once CASPA reviews and verifies. I'm so confused that I received this information and it seems like no one else did...
  12. Well hmm that’s interesting, I’ll definitely be giving them a call on Monday then
  13. I was verified 7/1 and have yet to hear confirmation from OU that my materials have been received. I’m actually from Dublin so I stopped in yesterday to see the facilities (which are fabulous!) and ended up chatting with the secretary who said that Denielle is working on sending out more confirmations soon. Let me know if you have any questions about the Dublin area!
  14. Hi! Kicking things off here since I didn't see a thread for this cycle. Type away..
  15. Hi, I received an interview for September 27! Does anybody know much about the school's new status following the Jefferson/Radford merge? Do any current students have any thoughts/opinions on this? I am slightly hesitant about the quality and organization of the new program.
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