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  1. I interviewed that same day and was under the impression that they would notify people earliest in December. Congratulations!
  2. Just received my rejection in the mail. Best of luck to all of you interviewing or waiting for an interview!
  3. I haven't received an interview and I also haven't received a rejection!
  4. Does anyone know what style interview they do?
  5. I will also be interviewing the 18th! Coming from Los Angeles, California!!
  6. is there anyone that wasn’t offered an interview invite and received a rejection letter?
  7. My application has been under review since August 15th, hopefully we do hear back soon!
  8. Is anyone else still waiting to hear back about an interview or a rejection?
  9. Hello everyone! has anyone who is not a CMU alumni or Michigan resident gotten an interview yet?
  10. Yes same thing happened to me too! I just assumed that the ones that show up blank are just for our reference because I uploaded 3 sheets of repeated coursework and the blank ones only show one sheet
  11. Hello everyone! I am waiting for an updated transcript to arrive to CASPA to be able to submit my app. Quick question, does the supplemental application include extra essays we have to write? Thanks in advance!
  12. Received a rejection letter today as well. Best of luck to everyone still interviewing or waiting to hear back!! Application completed: 8/11
  13. I got the same email as well! Fingers crossed and best of luck to all of you!
  14. It won't impact your chances!! I submitted my CASPA App with a statistics course in progress ( recently finished the course). I emailed them this past week cause I already took stats in undergrad and I was retaking it for a better grade. They basically said that they won’t take into consideration any grades that where completed after your CASPA was verified. Since they do allow courses in progress, it won’t impact your admission decision.
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