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  1. It should count. I mean it wouldn't be considered high quality patient care experience hours, but it will count toward your total direct patient care hours.
  2. Look into Davita. They will train and pay you during that training to become a Patient Care Technician!
  3. Hi all, I am a second semester PA student who was accepted with a low GPA directly out of undergrad. I am holding Zoom Advising sessions where I can help you figure out how you can improve your application and answer any questions you may have about the application process including personal statement review. The cost of each session is $10. Please send me a PM if you are interested! Thank you, and Good luck!
  4. Hi, My name is Joe. I have just finished my first semester of didactic year and am on winter break. If anyone needs help with helping to build a stronger application or with writing a personal statement, feel free to contact me. I am asking for just a one time venmo of $10 for my time. Please also include your city and state when PM me so I can help find local opportunities in your area.
  5. Hi Everyone, I just finished my first semester of PA school! I was accepted directly after undergrad with a low cumulative and science GPA. No post bacc or any retake of classes. I am on winter break and willing to help other Pre-PA students with their essays or just providing review of resumes and providing advice on how one can stand out in the Admissions Process and make their application more competitive. I do charge a small fee of $10 for my time, but if money is going to be an issue just let me know. I truly want to help people out.
  6. @Jthepa were you accepted into the fb group?
  7. What's interesting is before they had you needed a 73% to pass, but now they have changed that to an 80% and every course must be passed with a B or higher, otherwise you have to remediate. That sounds kinda tough ngl.
  8. MCC Nebraska has one that is compeltely online. Believed it costs $454.
  9. Is medical terminology not required anymore? It seems like they removed it off their website. https://catalog.monmouth.edu/graduate-catalog/marjorie-k-unterberg-nursing-health-studies/physician-assistant-ms/#admissionrequirementstext
  10. Nope, nothing yet for me. The FB group increased by one person to 24, so I think there has been movement on the wait list.
  11. Has anyone been accepted off of the waitlist?
  12. Yes the program seemed very supportive of its students. I'm on the waitlist and really hoping that I come off it!
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