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  1. What's interesting is before they had you needed a 73% to pass, but now they have changed that to an 80% and every course must be passed with a B or higher, otherwise you have to remediate. That sounds kinda tough ngl.
  2. MCC Nebraska has one that is compeltely online. Believed it costs $454.
  3. Is medical terminology not required anymore? It seems like they removed it off their website. https://catalog.monmouth.edu/graduate-catalog/marjorie-k-unterberg-nursing-health-studies/physician-assistant-ms/#admissionrequirementstext
  4. Nope, nothing yet for me. The FB group increased by one person to 24, so I think there has been movement on the wait list.
  5. Has anyone been accepted off of the waitlist?
  6. Yes the program seemed very supportive of its students. I'm on the waitlist and really hoping that I come off it!
  7. They are non ranked waitlist. When a spot opens up, they go through everyone on the waitlist.
  8. Anyone on the waitlist hear back regarding an acceptance yet? Also, does anyone know how many people are on the waitlist?
  9. @vulpine7 They are straight forward easy prompts.
  10. @vulpine7 We are not allowed to discuss specific questions or essay topics.
  11. @KG0419 Wouldn't be too worried about the dual degree students. The program is heavily weed out it seems. I spoke with Admissions about it, and I was told that almost half of the class that started off in the dual degree did not make it into the professional phase. So i guess a lot of people do get pulled off the waitlist.
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