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  1. Hello Everyone! I am interviewing Friday. Does anyone have any advice? Also, did you bring resumes?
  2. I was waitlisted as well...however, based off of this stream, it seems like A LOT of people were waitlisted-so I'm curious how many people they actually waitlist and what our odds are
  3. Hey Everyone! I figured I would get this stream going. I received my confirmation email on August 26th. Has anyone heard any updates?
  4. I reached out to them for the same thing and they sent me this: "Thank you for your continued interest in the Rush University PA Program and we sincerely apologize for the delayed response regarding your application. I just checked on your application and it is still in the review process by our Admissions Committee. We have received a much higher than anticipated number of candidates for this year and at this time we are anticipating that you should receive an update within the next few weeks. I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any questions regarding the program or our admission process." PS I was verified July 17th
  5. Has anyone heard an update? Based off of my calculation from what has been previously posted, they should be up to the second or third week in June.
  6. Trying to stay strong and not completely die inside, but I was just rejected from Westfield state for an interview. Good luck everyone!
  7. I have not received an email confirming one way or the other, and I verified all of my CASPA materials at the end of June. I am curious if it because they are waiting to see if their accreditation will be approved in September? Regardless, I will probably be calling them tomorrow to inquire. I will be sure to post what they say
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