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  1. Still in waitlist! Haven’t heard anything yet
  2. Hi, I would love to know how your liking the program? Any pros and cons? I got accepted into 2 out of state programs and am having difficulty choosing between the both of them. I did already pay my deposit for south college
  3. Got accepted. Any of the students that are in the program now on here? Really wondering if you guys like the program
  4. Thank you! cGPA 3.77 sGPA 3.83 GRE 308 PCE/HCE 2352 hours as a medical scribe in the ED and 280 hours as an MA in a functional med clinic at the time of applying but I’ve been working full time since
  5. Denied my recent interview offer for dec 2nd. Hope that opens up a spot for someone!
  6. Any one know if the morning interviews end before the afternoon ones just trying to figure out my flight home
  7. Just got an interview invite also!! Didn’t pick the date yet but I’m leaning towards October 26th afternoon session as well
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