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  1. Congrats to everyone that got an acceptance thus far!! FIRE UP CHIPS! For the rest of us still waiting, positive vibes!
  2. Has anyone heard anything from MSU since submitting?
  3. Pulled from the waitlist, I'll be Interviewing 11/10! SO EXCITED!
  4. Has anyone that had their interview invite rescinded a few weeks ago received an actual invite yet?
  5. My heart just broke for you!!! I can not even imagine that feeling, I am so so sorry!!!! I know it is easier said than done but try not to stress to much about it and just remember that you will be a BOMB PA someday! If it makes you feel any better I received an interview invite to another school and then the next day it got rescinded due to an error as well! Mistakes happen, try to keep your head up YOU GOT THIS!
  6. Waitlisted for an interview!!!! Even though its not an interview, i'm so excited it wasn't a straight rejection! Good luck to everyone that will be interviewing!!
  7. Just got a rejection email. Good luck to everyone else still in the running!!
  8. When did you guys submit your application ?
  9. Unfortunately I just received a rejection email. Good luck to everyone still in the running!
  10. Has anyone heard back about interviews yet? I was looking at last years thread and people started getting interviews in June!
  11. If you look at Central's Website it states that the PA-CAT scores are required for admissions to review your application! I don't think it would hurt to call or email them. I'm sorry you are having so many issues with the exam, I hope you get it all figured out!
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