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  1. It definitely is a long test! lol 2 hour blocks with a 10 min break in-between. Are you taking it at home? If so you have to get permission from your proctor to leave your room or wherever you are testing! Also just an FYI it takes 8 WHOLE WEEKS to get your scores.... I even called exam master to see if I could pay to expediate getting my scores and she said no; she also mentioned that it will most likely be the full 8 weeks.
  2. I called and left a message on Friday and haven't heard back yet. I did look on the website and it now says "MSUCOM supplemental application (Invitations to complete Secondary Applications will be sent to applicants after June 2020". If I hear anything I will update everyone!
  3. Nothing yet! If we don't get anything by Friday, I'll call to see what's going on!
  4. Has anyone received the secondary application yet? The website says it will be sent out via email in June? I haven’t seen anything yet I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything!
  5. I had to reschedule my test; I’m taking it 6/5 (Friday) so I will let you know!
  6. I received a confirmation email today! The email included that interview invites will be extended by December 18th! Sooo we have a Longgggg wait lol
  7. I was verified back on 5/11 and still have not heard anything back if that makes you feel better!
  8. I was verified on 5/11 and still haven’t heard any thing! Edit: I received this email on 5/28! Your application for The University of Tampa’s Physician Assistant Medicine program is now verified! Our admissions committee will review your application over the coming months. Please review the important information below regarding next steps: Applicants are selected for an interview based on the strength of their CASPA application, including a review of their academic preparation and the program's preferences. Interview invitations will be extended by Dec. 18, 2020. Interviews will be held Jan. 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2021. Professionalism throughout the application process is considered. To ensure your application is reflective of your skills and hard work, please be sure to thoroughly complete the "Experiences" section of your CASPA application, found under "Supporting Information." This section includes areas such as non-healthcare employment, research, volunteer, patient care experience, etc. You won't be able to edit or delete existing entries, but you can add new experiences. Best of luck to you! Sincerely, The University of Tampa Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies Physician Assistant Medicine Program Admissions 8551546981
  9. I have not received a confirmation from SBU yet! I will let you know when I do
  10. UPDATING THE CASPA TRANSCRIPT If applicants have already completed and submitted their CASPA application but have since completed additional coursework that is required by our program (i.e. prerequisites), they MUST update their CASPA application to allow for calculation of the prerequisite GPAs. This is what I found in the handbook (page 30) I linked it down below. https://www.evms.edu/media/evms_public/departments/health_professions/mpa_program/pdfs/EVMS_MPA_Admissions_Guidebook_2019-2020.pdf
  11. Good Luck to everyone applying this year CASPA Verified 5/10, still waiting on a confirmation email about my supplemental!
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