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  1. Conrats on getting this! The only thing I can add is I am attending a private catholic university that cost $1700 a credit and it was no problem. I think if the VA thinks you are a good choice, cost of school will not play into it. Just my thoughts, best of luck with school!
  2. Just a side note, you have to make sure your forms are filled out perfectly. I think the open date is in March, get your stuff in early versus waiting. They will scrub the forms and let you know of any errors. Making a mistake is pretty easy. Have your smart friends review your essays. I do believe they read them and they hold weight in the decision making. Don't be surprised if they stretch the submission date out, but get it in anyway, just in case.
  3. I started on the scholarship end of last Summer which was my first semester. In my offer letter it states they are paying for both years. I honestly can't tell you how they go about selecting those for one or two years, but may just be current need and number of applicants for those spots.
  4. Hmm that is a great question actually, I feel like I saw somewhere it said full time government employee, but I am not totally sure. Once you are accepted they will let you know for sure
  5. By stats do you mean CGPA, mine was 3.8 or was there something else with that, I would be glad to answer
  6. There are three essays. I can't quite remember, I can look when I get home from work, but they had to be 300 words are less. So they are pretty short, which I found fairly challenging to do for some reason. I had one academic reference letter, essentially the head of my program, but I don't think they are specific to that. I also did my current supervisor. Initially I sent three, but was told I can only do two. I am not required to work there nor required to have clincials there. I do think it would be to your advantage of course. I believe it is the same as NP, but you will do a one year residency program after your graduate. 2019 recipients have the choice to do this or not. For this year selections (2020) though there is no choice, a residency program will be mandatory. I have a two year commitment to the VA, the residency year does not count. In choosing the residency route, you owe 1/2 of the length of time of the residency back to the VA. So I owe 2.5 years. I am unsure of PA time commitments or residencies, but maybe a PA HPSP recipient can speak to this. For the residency there are only specific VA's that have this program set up. I think we got a list of around 12 cities. It is possible this may update before I graduate. You are allowed to change your selection before you graduate and you list your top 6 choices. I know they are taking city selections for 2020, 2021 and 2022 graduates. So moving will a high possibility. They had city selections from West Coast to the East Coast, no specific area of the U.S. was targeted. Your residency year you don't receive an actual salary, but a stipend which is comparable more than likely to a new graduate salary. This may have something to do with if you receive an actual salary, then you become a VA employee, maybe in case there are issues? I am not sure why. You will also receive vacation, sick days, medical insurance and dental. If you are a government employee such as myself or already a VA employee essentially your current status freezes. When you are done and become a VA employee, then all of this re-starts, you will keep all your vacation, sick and accrual rates, TSP etc. Overall I think it is an amazing program, the administrators of the HPSP scholarship are outstanding and I have zero complaints about the process so far. Residency is a huge advantage over your other classmates who may not have the same opportunity. Get your school paid for, receive a monthly tax free stipend (around $1200) and book money. You cannot beat it. P.S. Also if you are a federal employee you are not eligible for the stipend.
  7. I sorry the one thing I should have clarified is that I am in NP school, this was one of the only blogs I could find where people were talking about this program. It generally will apply the same. So I will answer those that apply: I was accepted already into school. I had to switch from part-time to full time in order to apply for this. I received a 2 year scholarship and my program is two years. I do not work at the VA, but I do work at a military hospital. I am also a Navy Reservist. I am currently doing my clinicals at the VA, which I set up myself. So far so good, their EMR is challenging, but they are upgrading to Genesis here soon at some point this year. I know many think you have to be a veteran to apply to this, but you do not. The ranking may play a part for overall points which veterans may get a slight edge. I was not selected until the third round of selections, so definitely worthwhile to apply. Hope it helps
  8. I am a 2019 recipient of this scholarship, for those who have questions.
  9. I'm not really a "look at what i got" type of person, so I write this for those still waiting. It looks like the selections are continuing as I was notified today that I was selected...so hold on until the end of the month like Scott D. said...best of luck
  10. Just curious if anyone has any new updates...Scott D. advised there was 20-30 scholarships left...that they would make more decisions by the end of this week. I am not holding my breath but it seemed like they are still pulling off the alternate list
  11. I applied for the NP vs PA program, but this is the only board I found discussing this, so thanks for the good info. Im not sure how this applies to the NP/PA time frames, but I did email Scott D. a few days ago. He said alternate selections would be made end of July (vs mid July) and then again very beginning of Sept. Just figured I would share. Congrats to those selected and best of luck for those who are waiting.
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