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  1. Have you received the acceptance packet by email yet?
  2. Hey guys! I just got accepted off the wait list today!! Seriously DO NOT give up hope! I interviewed 10/7 Also, has anyone received the acceptance packet by email yet?
  3. Did anyone interview in December and still have not heard back? I was in the first interview group. I have received nothing but radio silence
  4. Mercer is asking for a resume to be uploaded to CASPA, do you guys recommend putting in work, volunteer, and shadow experience? Or should I just keep it strictly to work and volunteer experience?
  5. I was just waitlisted from the 10/7 interview. All we can do is hope now!!
  6. Hey! I just got accepted too, congrats! I’m a little confused with the email though. Do we have two weeks to make a decision?
  7. Hey guys! I just spoke to someone from Mercer who told me my GRE score might be too low to get an invite to the school. I got a 302 and they said their average is 310. I have a really good GPA so I was hoping I could compensate my GRE score with that. Has anyone heard any past experiences where they look past the low score or is it pretty important to have?
  8. I got an email that they received my supplemental as well, however, they have not cashed in my payment for it yet! This is for the knoxville location. Did the same happen to you?
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