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  1. Hi! Does anyone remember when Allan said classes start in August? Thanks
  2. Thanks! Oh man I don’t remember exact dates, but I submitted second week of June and got the interview offer first week of August. Interview on the 26th, and got the acceptance call yesterday! I would say almost half the group brought a family member/significant other.
  3. I think she said we should the official letter within a week
  4. It was great ! They do a great job of helping you relax so you have the space to be yourself. Lots of opportunities to meet faculty and students and ask questions.
  5. Got an acceptance call today! Good luck to everyone else
  6. Ms. Kays leaves a voicemail to call her back, but doesn’t say specifically that it’s an interview offer
  7. I just received confirmation from Ms. Kays that the AdCom level is the second level review if anyone was still wondering. From here it goes either interview invitation or denial of the application.
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