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  1. It was about 4 hrs maybe a bit longer. Actual interviews weren't very long but they give you a lot of information, you get to meet current students and get a tour.
  2. I'm not sure which one is you. Maybe add me? Collette Albert
  3. Maybe add me? I'm not sure which one is you. My name is Collette Albert
  4. For everyone that's has been accepted, we made a Facebook message group for now to talk with people and help during the process, plus some people are looking for roommates and such. If you'd like to be added let me know!
  5. It's 5, 10 min interviews w/ different staff members. They make you feel really welcomed. It's really not scary! Be able to describe yourself in one word and talk about your journey and what makes you you! Good luck!
  6. It was actually a phone call and it took a little over 2 weeks for me.
  7. I interviewed a while ago and have been accepted but just to let you know. They told me two weeks and then took a bit longer to get back to me, so don't be too worried yet if they take longer! I was freaking out lol
  8. Hey!! If you've been accepted I'd like to start getting to know the people that will soon be my classmates. I will eventually be looking for roommates too since I'm moving from IL to TN. Add me on Facebook, Collette Albert. Feel free to talk to me about whatever, I'm so excited for next may!
  9. I'd give it some time and keep applying other places. It is still early and even though a handful of people have been accepted, they have a class of 50 so that's a decent size!
  10. I interviewed Aug 9th and still haven't heard anything at all. I am getting concerned. They said we would hear back regardless the decision. Has anyone else not heard back and if you were accepted, how were you notified?
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