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  1. Just wanted to let you guys know that I was accepted shortly after posting!
  2. Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone returned to work as a PA to the same hospital they had gotten previous clinical experience at. For example, if I were to go to PA school and get re-hired as a PA at the hospital I worked at as a PCT. If anyone has done this, can you let me know about your experience? Also, were you able to request more salary wise, having already had a large amount of patient care hours there and choosing to return?
  3. Hey do all the people accepted to the Hendersonville campus want to create a facebook page or something?
  4. Thanks for all your insight! From my understanding, it‘s just two interviews then? One on one and one with a panel? I‘m surprised not MMI! That will be nice.
  5. Hi! Can I just ask how many people were at the interview session?
  6. Hey everyone! I have an acceptable, but I'd say "lower" GPA in comparison to the average GPA that applicants have. I have still managed to receive four interview invites this cycle. I recently had my second interview and feel confident that it went more smoothly and I was more confident than my first interview. Definitely more prepared!! However, I am concerned that, although my interview went very well, I will still be waitlisted or rejected because of my GPA. Other than my GPA, my clinical hours, volunteer & leadership hours are all above the average by far. I also was a student athlete
  7. I think they said they would be giving notice of acceptance/rejection/waitlist in late September!
  8. Received confirmation email today. Was verified and sent application in on 6/13
  9. Where is this for Nova Ft. Meyers? I only saw Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville.
  10. I don‘t remember having to fill out a supplemental for this school if anyone is wondering!
  11. @Azandere Sounds good! Let's definitely meet up!
  12. Also there for that interview date! Let me know if you want to meet up beforehand
  13. Hey! Just thought I'd get a thread started! Welcome and good luck
  14. Will also be interviewing at the Hendersonville campus on 10/18! Can't wait to meet all of you
  15. Hey everyone! I have my first two interviews coming up within a matter of weeks and was wondering if anyone could give me any insight as to what recent legal changes (if any) have affected PA's scope of practice. I'm struggling to find any descriptions that are easily understandable online! I'd really appreciate your help.
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