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  1. i have xs next to the recommendations, do you as well?
  2. how long did you guys wait before verifying receipt of the application? I applied on 6/8
  3. has anyone received the supplemental application?
  4. I think this is in regards to an interview. A successful interview is required for admission.
  5. any update? my application still says screening in progress
  6. Will they be conducting interviews this week? Or are interviews completely over? And does anyone know the start date of the program, are they pushing it back?
  7. I am retaking the courses now after having a conversation about where I messed up. Most schools specify that they will use their pre req gpa as a tool to sort to applicants so hopefully getting As (fingers crossed) in those courses I can bring the gpa up.
  8. Hello! I did not need to take the GRE for the schools I applied to. And my letters are from the physician I scribe for, the pa I shadowed, my supervisor and my pharmacology professor.
  9. Hey everyone so I submitted my application in December and was told to retake a science course in order to satisfy the C+ we need. After registering for the class and sending them proof my application was under program review. I am enrolled in the class now and checked my portal to see that my application is now being screened. I’m scared as to why the status went from under program review back to screening. Are my chances blown? Or will they not move forward with my application until may when I get the grade for the course. I’m so anxious.
  10. Hey Everyone I applied to about 15 schools this 2019-2020 cycle and have been straight out rejected from 9 of them. I have about 6 schools left to hear back from and so far it is not looking so good. One of the schools have interviewed and accepted students that submitted a month after I did. Another school replied to my inquiry stating that they believe interviews are over for the incoming class. And lastly one other school has requested I re-take a pre-requisite to be considered. I currently work as a Heme/Onc scribe - 4000 hours as of today, 150 hours shadowing a PA, 152 hours volunte
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