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  1. You are so welcome! The Christiana campus is right across the street from the hospital and if I recall correctly, students are able to use that. Idk if it would be open currently with the pandemic and stuff though. I'd say about half-ish of the faculty, admins, etc. are at each campus. They really focus on "one school, two campuses". Good luck with the interview!
  2. I interviewed there last summer so can answer a few of your questions. The campus is basically a floor out of an office building, so it's contained within that floor. There's other companies and stuff throughout the rest of the building. They broadcast everything at the same time between the two campuses. Some days class is live from the Arcadia campus and other days it's live from the Pennsylvania campus (this was pre-Covid of course). Instead of making students drive 5000 hours to the anatomy lab (I forget which school it was at, they shared with another university) they recently starting using the anatomage tables which are pretty cool. Could be a draw back if you were specifically wanting to go into a surgical field though. The staff and faculty were very welcoming and it was very evident they care about student success and are serious about implementing feedback from students. The Christiana areas was relatively decent. I felt safe walking around and that sort of thing. Not a whole lot to do or see but 1.) PA school and 2.) Pandemic. The one draw back was holy hell the humidity. I was there the end of August and I'm from the west coast. I was NOT prepared for that, lol. Hopefully that answers some of your questions. Let me know if there's anything else I can shed some light on!
  3. Classes will still start on the 26th of May, but will be online until July 6th at the earliest.
  4. I interviewed back in August and was offered a spot on the active list. Today I was offered a seat in the class but declined as I've accepted a seat elsewhere. Hopefully this opens something up for someone else!
  5. At the interview yesterday (2/17) they said we were the last scheduled interview group. There's the vague possibility they could add another if they are still needing to fill seats, but they also said 50 out of the 60 seats were already filled. Also, class begin the day after memorial day, so I'd be surprised if they were still interviewing a few weeks before classes started.
  6. So sorry to hear you were rejected I'm surprised they sent that out so fast!
  7. Not yet, but they did just sent out an email this afternoon asking to complete a form to indicate if I was still interested in Aracdia or if I had accepted a seat elsewhere. Deadline for the form is this Thursday so I'm hoping that means we should hear more soon!
  8. I just received an invite to interview on 02/17 as well! Looking forward to meeting everyone! Does anyone who has interviewed previously have any insight as to the group activity and the writing sample portions of the interview? Thanks so much!
  9. Congrats on the two acceptance! Were you initially waitlisted for the Pennsylvania or Delaware campus?
  10. same happened to me; I just got the first one, but not the one with what quartile I'm in. When did you interview?
  11. Interesting. I am on the waitlist for acceptance as well and interviewed in September. Did you receive on or two emails from Rush today?
  12. Was that waitlisted for acceptance or for an interview? I got an update on waitlist for acceptance that was just an update that we may be able to expect more info in January.
  13. Congrats on making it off the waitlist! When did you find out? I too am on the waitlist.
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