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  1. Congrats on making it off the waitlist! When did you find out? I too am on the waitlist.
  2. Just got my notice tonight that I was rejected without an interview.
  3. Cool, that's good to know. Seems like there's still a faint sliver of hope to be invited for an interview!
  4. Has anyone who's neither been rejected or invited for an interview considered reaching out to the school? I'm growing impatient but I don't want to be "that person"
  5. Sorry to hear it anyone know if they are still sending invites for interviews? I've neither been invited nor rejected at this point.
  6. Sorry to hear about everyone getting rejected this evening. To clarify, was that rejected after an interview or rejected without receiving an interview invite?
  7. I applied here last year and found out on 10/29 that I had not been selected for an interview. Based on invites having already gone out for the 3 dates, I'm preparing for the worst at this point.
  8. I applied to Pacific last year and got my rejection the last week of October or there about.
  9. Same here as well. Has anyone contacted the school for an update on their status?
  10. Just found out I was offered a seat on the alternative list after interviewing on 9/13.
  11. Yeah, I got the same email. Another week of stressing, huzzah!
  12. Got an email this morning that I have not been selected for an interview.
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