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  1. I was also placed on the waitlist - again. I agree, I think that they put nearly everyone on the waitlist.
  2. I cancelled my interview for December 3rd. I got into a school that I love! Hope that helps someone!
  3. Does anyone know if the school will be creating a facebook page for Class of 2022?
  4. I got my acceptance!! My interview was on October 4th in the morning session!
  5. I haven’t interviewed yet, but I received this email awhile ago!
  6. I haven’t interviewed yet, but I received this email awhile ago!
  7. I received my letter that I am on the alternate list on Tuesday. Received the form yesterday (Thursday).
  8. Congrats! We’re you in the 1:00 or 3:00 interview?
  9. Okay same! That makes me feel better. I’m 9/25 from 3-5
  10. Did you get the actual confirmation of this today? I know they sent an email yesterday saying they were finalizing the schedule and would send it out today, but I haven’t received the actual confirmation yet!
  11. Has anyone who got the interview invite yesterday received an email confirming the date they chose?
  12. I responded right away and got my 4th choice! I didn’t even list it because I thought there was no way they’d fill up that fast!
  13. I got an email confirmation for the 12/3 interview date! I replied about 20 minutes after the email got sent, and this date was my last choice.
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