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  1. well I would be seeing mostly Medicare At the new place, which apparently brings in less, and not doing any procedures. And I get the feeling these people would not budge on pto or non compete
  2. Currently in internal med and making 100k for 37 hours a week without call, get 3 weeks pto (including cme), $1500 cme allowance and health insurance paid for myself. But it’s a toxic practice and I need to move on. I’ve been a pa 6 years. I got an offer for another internal med job, same hours basically except I would take call one night a week and every 6th weekend (no rounding), 85k base.. incentive bonus is 30% of What I bring in AFTER 250k net collections, 10 days pto including cme, 1000 cme allowance. Non compete of 10 miles for 2 years. They Had asked what my salary expectations were and I told them $100k or $55-60/hour and this is what they offer. Apparently that bonus is basically unattainable in outpatient primary care. I could counter offer but I’m a little insulted they low balled me so hard. I live an oversaturated, known-for-being-low-paying area, but still, would you pass? They said my resume was impressive...
  3. I’ve been a PA now for 6.5 years and have had a few jobs in that time and with each my salary increased. Now I am in a salary range I am happy with but I am looking for an new job to get out of a crappy work environment. It seems like no one wants to pay PAs a decent salary anymore and the PAs who are more experience are getting screwed out of jobs because there are PAs that will take less, especially a place like where I live which is saturated. One position I applied for, as part of the screening process Before an interview they asked my salary requirements and when I told them what I am making and I don’t want to go lower they write back, “we are impressed by your experience and qualifications but are Unable to offer you a position at this time”. It’s like employers Are cheap just don’t want pay PAs what we are worth. I guess this is more of a vent than anything but it’s just not fair.
  4. In need of some guidance. I have been a PA 6 years and have had 4 jobs since then. I was never the type to know exactly which field/specialty I wanted be in, I felt like primary care was probably the right place for me which is where I am now but I am struggling, my confidence is lacking and patients can see that. I never really believed I was smart enough to be a PA. I got through school and since then I am gotten by. I had essentially no training in any of my jobs and because of that I never really hit the point where I felt totally comfortable. I am in a position where I may need to leave my job, which I thought was my dream job but turns out not to be so, and I am dreading the job search/interview process again. I really cant see myself doing anything else but I feel like I just haven't found the right fit yet, or its me.I just really want to settle in a practice and be there for a long time and It hasn't happened and each time I have to switch jobs I get more nervous about it not working out and screw it up in the process.
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