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  1. Hello everyone! I just started my new job as a new grad in thoracic surgery. I feel good seeing patients in clinic and rounding on post-op patients, however I am really struggling in the OR. I still don't have the camera movements down for thoracoscopic procedures and I feel like it takes me a long time to get used to using the instruments. I am also having trouble closing the incisions as I have only done superficial wounds before. I can feel my attendings getting impatient with me. I am just curious if any other surgical PA's had a similar experience and if/how it got better.
  2. Hi everyone! I’m a new grad PA who just graduated a couple months ago and I’m primarily interested in GI, Family, or Hospital Medicine. A PA who I used to shadow in Thoracic Surgery reached out to me and asked for my resume and I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a shot and see what this job is about. I just had an interview for this Thoracic surgery job and the team is willing to give me great training as a new grad. It seems great, but I’m not crazy about surgery and don’t have much procedure experience. They haven’t given me an offer yet, but I’m concerned that I won’t know what to do if they do. Should I hold out and see if I get an opportunity in specialty that I really want? Part of me worries that if I turn this down another opportunity won’t come along...as I’ve already applied to about 15 different places the past month but haven’t heard anything back. Also how long is appropriate time to ask for before accepting an offer?
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