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  1. Received my rejection as well. 2nd time applying here
  2. Anyone know if there were any interviews held this month of November?
  3. You have to wait until MBKU emails you because they are the ones who are going to provide you the username and password that they set up personally for you.
  4. So those who has to do the video are the ones who will be chosen for the actual interviews?
  5. Hi everyone, does anyone know if EVMS does rolling admission?
  6. Unfortunately they won't accept the 5 quarter units. I attended their virtual Q&A and they want exactly the 6 quarter units. I'm in the same dilemma also.
  7. I'm so sorry! Did you receive the letter after submitting your supplemental ?
  8. Congratulations!! Did you find out through email or through the portal?
  9. Submitted early because based on last years thread, SCU started sending out interview invites in November prior to the January deadline. They even sent interview invites in December during 2018-2019 cycle.
  10. Hi, Based on their FAQs info this is what they have: "You may take them at any accredited US or Canadian college or university. Online courses will most often meet the prerequisites, except for those requiring labs. If there are questions, it is always best to check with the program."
  11. My CASPA was verified on 06/16 and received access to the portal on 06/18
  12. Received access to the portal today. Really excited for this program!
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