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  1. Thank you! That’s still great! Don’t lose hope, I’m sure you’ll hear good news!
  2. I actually interviewed 12/09 and was placed “on hold” after my interview. I hope you hear back soon!
  3. I received my acceptance last night!! I would love to get in contact with those who got accepted as well!
  4. Got my rejection letter through the mail today. I also received the email to update my phone number a couple of months ago for those who were wondering!
  5. This is was I got from the FAQ page: "Applicants who are placed into a "hold" status after their interview are continued to be reviewed throughout the application cycle. At the end of our application cycle, we rank student alternates from those applicants on hold who have not been previously offered a student position. Any student openings are immediately filled from our ranked alternates."
  6. Received my rejection as well. 2nd time applying here
  7. Anyone know if there were any interviews held this month of November?
  8. You have to wait until MBKU emails you because they are the ones who are going to provide you the username and password that they set up personally for you.
  9. So those who has to do the video are the ones who will be chosen for the actual interviews?
  10. Unfortunately they won't accept the 5 quarter units. I attended their virtual Q&A and they want exactly the 6 quarter units. I'm in the same dilemma also.
  11. I'm so sorry! Did you receive the letter after submitting your supplemental ?
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