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  1. Hi I was accepted to Pace living in Brooklyn! I recently got coffee with a Pace 1st year student. She said their cohort created their own Facebook group and the school did not set one up for them. She suggested we get one rolling to coordinate housing stuff, etc.
  2. Has anyone from the 10/31 interview heard anything back?
  3. Yes I interviewed today and they shared they did not get off of probation. Probation was extended due to inaccurate “data”. When we asked what data, the program director mentioned there was inconsistencies about student test performance? They were vague.
  4. Help!! I am torn between two schools. The foundation of what I am questioning is: "Is there a distinguishable difference in the training a PA-S gets at a top 10 program vs. a top 50 program?" Program A: -I am a NYC resident and the school is nearby. Boyfriend lives with me in NYC. Would not have to move, find a new apt, etc -Top 50 program -program is about 15 years old -No SIM lab; paid actors for patient experiences during didactic -pro-sected cadaver lab at another medical school (would travel there on train) -75% of lectures taught my schools professors
  5. just got accepted. interviewed 10/7. email received 1:27pm
  6. Any insight about the interview process? My first time applying and my first interview. Any advise is appreciated.
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