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  1. Plus it’s rolling admission. They interview 40 people at a time for 30 positions. All spots possibly could be filled maybe? Plus I know a lot of people have been waitlisted
  2. Yes! I think I met him also! He was an excellent and strong candidate! Congrats to him! I didn’t apply to rocky mountain because of cost also. I would love to stay in Utah and serve the community as a PA in Utah so hopefully we will BOTH get in, in somewhere locally!
  3. Do you know who got accepted? As far as their background etc? I really hope that you and I get in in Utah also! Did you apply to Rocky Mountain? And if not why not?
  4. It doesn’t seem so. There were some really strong candidates so hopefully at least a few of them got in. I didn’t get accepted and the U hasn’t started interviewing yet (I only applied to 2 programs) fingers crossed for the U
  5. Several people from August and July have been waitlisted. Maybe as much as 10 so far.
  6. I honestly don’t know. It seems like a lot of people are waitlisted. I wonder what the accepting stats are? There were a broad range of age, back ground etc at the August interview day
  7. You’re right! We have to stay positive and keep moving forward
  8. I just got denied:( I didn’t even make the waitlist. I wonder where I went wrong
  9. When did you guys find out? I haven't heard anything I’m terrified!
  10. Hey Jorge it was great to meet you! And your suit was amazing! I hope that this is your year also! Good luck on your interviews and let us know how it worked out!
  11. Hey! It was great meeting you! I think your back ground was EMT which is awesome! Did you get in?
  12. Yes! It was an amazing experience! Has anyone been accepted yet from our group?
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