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  1. Yes, they said that it was a mistake...... I feel terrible about it....I was really looking forward to attending...im heartbroken now ;(
  2. Concordia University: Ann Harbor Acceptance letter recanted: anyone else get an acceptance to Concordia yet? I received an acceptance letter on Monday September 14th and then it was recanted on Tuesday September 15th!!!! saying that the secretary made a mistake and sent out erroneous acceptance letters!!!! this makes me soooooo sad as this was my dream school and I'm trying to see if anyone had a similar experience or can shed some light on what happened...I feel so terrible that I was told that I was accepted to PA school only to be told that I wasn't the very next day after celebrating with my family! please help
  3. Also from your experience would working 20 hours a week be doable? Thx! I know people that worked during the program and those that didn’t...
  4. That’s extremely variable! Thank you so much for your input!
  5. Hello class 50 and earlier....anyone have a pdf copy of the semester schedule with classes and times? I’m trying to schedule day care for my son and it would be helpful to have an idea of what a semester is going to look like! Thank you
  6. Me neither! I was deeply honored and shocked when I received the acceptance email from Doris! I hope that you get in also and I’m honored to be a part of such a special class!
  7. I interviewed on the 14th and was offered a spot in class 51 on the 18th! (Waliah) I met a lot of amazing people that day! anyone else who interviewed on the 14th get in to UPAP SLC?
  8. I got offered a spot in the SLC campus yesterday! I'm beyond grateful and filled with Joy! I'm excited to meet all of you and learn and grow together!
  9. I agree, plus the NDA that we were told to bring and the bio, nothing was asked to be turned in. When we were asked to complete the survey in the end, I was very honest about what I thought of the interview process.
  10. So I’ve been out of school for a while, however I took A&P about two years ago for to go back to PA school. My approach was to purchase the barons anatomy and physiology study guide and complete the book before the interview. I was notified of my interview on the 6th of October for the 14th of November. I focused on the really important topics like the skeletal system, nervous, muscles, endocrine, respiratory etc....I spent about 4-6 hours a day reviewing and I do work full time, and I have kids. I don’t know how detailed the exam will be but I honestly tried my best. Some say it’s easy while others say it’s hard...both are relative to the knowledge of the test taker etc. some chapters such as the reproductive I’m still really shaky in. But I’ll continue to prepare right up to the day before my interview. I hope that helped
  11. Interviewing at the U on the 14th of Nov Over 8700 hours of patient care as a molecular biology and genetics technologist and donor floor technician 500 hours volunteer experience as a patient tech and lab intern patient tech trainer 100 hours STEM math and science (students with and without disabilities) tutor for 5 years graduated summa cum laude 3.97 gpa in forensic toxicology prerequisite GPA: 3.7 overall 3.9 50+ hours shadowing a PA in urgent care that I tech for most of my patient care hours are not hands on, but I do work closely with MDs, PA etc across multiple specialities I’ve been out of school for several years working in research, academia, and clinical diagnostics. despite having a strong GPA I do have a skeleton or two hiding in my post bac transcripts. So having one or even two discrepancy grades isn’t going to shut you out! Good luck everyone!
  12. I just received an interview invite to the U!!! For November 14th! God is great!
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