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  1. Hey y'all! I will be starting at DeSales in August of this year. I remember how I felt this time last year, and would love to be of any assistance possible. I certainly am not an expert by any means, but please ask whatever questions you have, or PM me if you have more generalized questions about applications or other schools and I can try my best to give advice or guidance based off of my own experience! I simply want to be as much of a resource as possible! Last year, interview invites started going out around the second week of June. I will say that we did just have an update from
  2. Update: I received a rejection earlier this week, so it appears they're starting to get out the remainder of their admissions notifications. Best of luck to all of those waiting to hear/who have already gained acceptances from UNE or who are waiting on decisions from/attending elsewhere!
  3. Received a rejection, so it appears they're starting to get out the rest of their admissions notifications. I will be attending DeSales regardless, but best of luck to all of those waiting to hear from PSU or who have already gained acceptances!
  4. I'll have to do that, just because I'm curious. This the last school out of eight that I need to hear from! However, I will be attending DeSales next year! Best of luck to you as well!
  5. I kind of forgot about this school and will be attending elsewhere regardless, but still get the e-mails for the pages I follow. I have yet to receive this e-mail. I haven't received anything since the confirmation of my prerequisites. Odd!
  6. Received an interview invite, but will be declining due to acceptances at other schools! Best of luck to all of you
  7. I just did -- "DeSales University Physician Assistant Program -- Class of 2022"
  8. I gave up my acceptance for a spot at another program! Best of luck to the rest of you. I hope this opens up a spot for one of you at a fantastic program
  9. I interviewed on Tuesday, October 15th and got my acceptance e-mail on Thursday morning (10/24). They said four weeks so I was very surprised!
  10. Yes — two interviews. The morning interview is you and two faculty members, and the afternoon interview is you, two faculty members and a current E + H student!!
  11. Thank you so much cGPA: 3.87 sGPA: 3.75 GRE: 303 with 5.5 analytical writing PCE: ~1,100 hours (EMT) Volunteering: ~350 hours Shadowing: 80 hours officially with 135 additional hours from an academic experience that was not allowed to go on CASPA, but that I mentioned during my interview LORs: Orthopedic PA-C, department chair at my university, my advisor/Biological Sciences faculty member, my Captain/Operations Manager from work who is a Paramedic/was a Respiratory Therapist
  12. I just gave up my seat and withdrew my acceptance after receiving another acceptance, so I hope that this opens up a seat to another well-deserving candidate to an awesome program Best of luck to each of you!
  13. Just got the acceptance call! I am SO beyond excited I can't even put it into words!! Congratulations to everyone else who has received acceptances so far and best of luck to the rest of you who have interviews coming up. For those of you that have already been accepted, is there a Facebook group or anything created?
  14. I submitted my application on 7/8, was verified on 7/8 and believe that I was then acknowledged of my submission by TJU later that same week.
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