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  1. Does anyone know if they are still offering interviews? I feel its kinda late
  2. it only took about 2 days for me to get the link to the supplemental payment! ]
  3. Is it too late to consider applying? I just found the program and want to apply but if they already offered interviews I don't want to waste anyones time....HELP!
  4. my CASPA was verified 5/15 and supplemental was submitted on 5/28 and I have heard nothing..given some people are already getting rejections I'll take silence as a good sign.
  5. Did you contact them by chance? I still have not received anything!
  6. Got a call today that my application was complete and forwarded for review! Fingers crossed this leads to an interview
  7. I was thinking the same thing, hoping they're not trying to trick us! I am basically just shortening my CASPA experiences to 1-2 sentences. @Jryland, I am only listing the schools I applied to this year as I did not recieve any interview invites last cycle and I did not apply to any NSU schools last cycle. That's just my take on it
  8. Received an email that supplemental applications will start being sent out Friday the 5th!
  9. Starting a new thread for Michigan State's new program! I was verified 5/15.
  10. Feels like so long away still! Does anyone have any idea if their interviews will be virtual or in-person?
  11. I am a first time applicant as well, still waiting for a second email from EVMS.
  12. I submitted last week of July and haven't heard anything either. Trying to stay positive since they interview until March or April I have read.
  13. How do you know it was reviewed but not picked for viewing?
  14. oh good! This is making me feel much better and more hopeful. Thanks everyone
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