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  1. Same here! I haven't heard anything from the 9/26 interview. Hopefully we will be notified within the next couple of weeks!
  2. Received an interview invite today for Friday November 1st!
  3. Hey! I received the supplemental in July! I hope you hear soon!
  4. Received an interview invite for September 12th! I am super excited!!!
  5. I submitted my application at the end of May and received an interview invite on June 13th.
  6. It includes the shadowing form on their website and another form where you list the prerequisites for their program. It’s similar to filling out the transcript entry on CASPA!
  7. Hello, I didn’t see a thread yet for the LEC PA program for 2019-2020 application cycle so I decided I’d start one! I have an interview on September 13th! Does anyone else have an interview that day? Rachel
  8. Hi Saira, I received an email to submit the supplemental application for BW. Once I submitted the forms, I received a confirmation email from BW. Rachel
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