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  1. Hey guys, figured I'd bite the bullet and make the main campus Facebook group. It's called Wingate University Main Campus PA Program Class of 2022
  2. Just gave up my seat off the waitlist because I was accepted to a different school! The waitlist is still moving!
  3. We had 4 MMIs with staff members (normal MMI type prompts, nothing that surprised me), we sat in on a lecture, had a one-on-one chat with a current student, and had a one-on-one interview with one professor for each applicant. Everyone I interviewed with pretty much said the same thing, the professors really want you to succeed! They will go over your strengths/weaknesses and all the normal interview stuff but it felt more like a friendly conversation than an interview. Good luck to everyone interviewing!
  4. Awesome, so glad multiple people from our day made it! Wait whats your name, I'm Caity (Caitlin). I'm planning on attending, you?
  5. Got my acceptance email!!! So excited, Wingate is such a great program! For those of you who are curious, I interviewed yesterday and got my acceptance at 11:21
  6. I got my waitlist email this morning too! Fingers crossed for everyone :).
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