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  1. they do a few (very few) early acceptance after each interview session, will call you from a 202 number 2 weeks after your interview date. So, TAKE THAT 202 CALL!!! no rejections until way later. The rest of the acceptance goes out around xmas. Good luck!! Also, if you are on the west coast, don't freak out when you dont' receive the phone call early in the morning, because Dr. Wright waited to call me d/t my time difference. So I got disappointed around 8AM and then... got happy around 11AM. haha.
  2. PA-1 here! I’ll be one of your social hour hosts! We can’t wait to “meet” you guys and answer your questions! Some of us will also be your panelist the next day :)) Good luck on your interview!
  3. Never heard anything since application under review in the summer, got the rejection email on 12/17. But it went to my “promotion” email folder haha! thank god that I got into my top choice! good luck everyone! Check your promotion folder!
  4. Received an interview invite, will decline. Hope it opens up for someone else.
  5. Received an email back on 06/20 saying that my application was completed and under review. Still haven’t gotten an interview or rejection. Waiting ...
  6. Oh yea you are right. I guess its a no for me
  7. Last year they interviewed From 10/01-12/04 ish. This year started around 09/30, maybe there’ll be one last session at beginning of December.
  8. I rescinded my interview schedule due to the fact that I was accepted at my top choice today. Hope this opens up a spot for someone! Good luck!!!
  9. Anyone knows that if SOs are welcomed in the meet and greet? Interviewing on 09/21. Super stoked!!!
  10. how many applicants for an interview session??
  11. I wonder how many people they take from each month. say 25 people X 3 days = 75. if they interview for 5 months, that's 375 people. so to pick 90 people for the class, it's on average 18 people chosen from 75 people for each month pool.
  12. Overall GPA: 3.93 Science GPA: 4.00 GRE: 73% Verbal, 76% Quantitative, 57% Analytical (BAHAHAHAH) PCE: 3000 Volunteer: 250? Shadowing: 30
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