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  1. bovineplane, thank you for responding. I failed to mention that I’m in the Air Force. The only way to re-class into medical is via shred-out. For us that means I would have to already be in a specific medical career field then apply for something lateral to that. For example, right now there are availabilities to re-class into surgical services urology (4N111B) but in order to be eligible, I would already have to be a surgical services tech (4N111). “B” is the specific shred out. Since you mentioned the IPAP, I looked into that for the Air Force. I don’t know why I didn’t think about that already with so many threads mentioning that program. Our TIS requirements for that are a max of 14 years with 5 years retainability prior to training start date. It’s a realistic option that I’ll have to seriously consider. 40 hours min of shadowing Classes required are A&P (6 hrs), General Chem (6 hrs), Medical Terminology (2 hrs), Algebra (3hrs), English (6 hrs), Psychology (3 hrs) and Social Sciences & Humanities (6 hrs). Highly recommended classes: Biology, Microbiology, Organic Chem, Biochem and Sociology. I’ll dive a little deeper and see if I can find some POCs who may know of any degree programs that would allow me to take only the classes I need as of now in order to complete my pre reqs. Again, thanks for your input and recommendations.
  2. I’ve been active duty enlisted for 9 years with no medical background and it’s been 15 years since I’ve taken even high school level science classes so I’m starting from scratch so to speak, knowledge-wise. I plan on staying in a full 20 to get retirement and also use military TA to go to school for free as much as possible in the next 11 years. I have two associates degrees through the Community College of the Air Force. Criminal Justice (Security Forces) and Human Resources Management (Recruiting) and am looking into online schools to pursue my 4-year degree in Psychology. Since I have another 11 years in the military and another 2-3 years after that to gain PCE and shadowing hours, I’m concerned about my credits being valid when it comes time to apply for PA school if I complete it within the next couple of years. My thoughts are to, instead, self-teach myself basic levels of chemistry, anatomy, physiology, biology and medical terminology so that I can be prepared for those classes/upper division science courses when I take them about 5 years out from retirement and rock a solid GPA because of the preexposure. A huge factor for not separating now to just start school full-time is that I am married with 3 children, two of which I provide child support to. I don’t want to put them in a tough spot and my wife is still going to school finishing her teaching degree so we aren’t in a position financially for me to get out anytime soon. A rough timeline: -Next 6 years: Familiarize myself with chemistry, anatomy etc. (text books, apps, videos) -5 years from retirement: Start school for Bachelors degree and pre-reqs. -2 years from retirement: Start EMT certification -Civilian: Full-time EMT for PCE, shadow PAs, MDs etc. and volunteer -After 2 years of PCE/100ish hours shadowing: Use G.I. Bill for PA school -Graduate and practice medicine helping people! Has anyone been in my shoes or similar situation? Is my path realistic or do I need to adjust anything? I’d appreciate any input and suggestions and thanks for taking the time to read.
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