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  1. They did! From the email, they only accepted my Orgo II, not Orgo I. My college is weird and doesn't call it Orgo, which was the issue. I think it was also not accepted at first because my college puts both Orgos in the 200-level, so it looked even more lower-level. After I cleared it up and sent the course description it was fine.
  2. Has anyone had issues with their Organic Chemistry prerequisite? I got an email from them saying they will not accept my Orgo class. I took both Orgo I and II with labs but my university happens to put them in the 200-level, and they emailed me saying I need to complete an upper-level Organic Chemistry, which in my university only Chemistry majors actually take. I also took Gen Chem II (unfortunately also 200 level) that I think they might accept so I'll ask but wondering if anyone else got an email/issue from this? EDIT: Got it figured out, nvm
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