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  1. I was put on the waitlist for this program, and when I called to ask about my position on the list, I spoke to an advisor who said to me "that's your position, you're on the waitlist." Anyways, she eventually told me that there are still 2 more interview dates in the Spring, and if after those interview dates the class is still not full, that's when they get to the waitlist. She said some years this happens, other years it doesn't! Just repeating what I was told Best of luck to all of ya!
  2. Got the call from Michael this afternoon around 2! Super excited to meet you all
  3. with all do respect, this feels super harsh and although it's an unfortunate situation, bad mouthing an entire institution on the internet probably isn't the best way to go about it. if that's how you feel, withdraw your application from MCPHS and move on, but don't tell others how they should go about choosing a program. it's not that serious.
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