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  1. I just gave up my interview spot, hopefully this opens up room for those waiting for an interview invitation. I have been accepted to my top school. Good luck everyone.
  2. Yes, I just wrote my Name and Yes and sent it. I received an email a day or two confirming that.
  3. I just received an interview invitation for November 18. I applied in 5/21.
  4. Yes, there is a written portion in the interview section. But I won’t worry too much about it. There’s no right or wrong answer in this section
  5. I gave up my interview spot to give other applicants the opportunity. All the best of luck to you guys interviewing on the 21st.
  6. I rented a car just for convenience, but it depends on your preference though. If you can get Uber to be there as early as you want, I don’t think it’s a bad idea.
  7. I also got an interview invite today, I submitted my application in May. Based on the invitation email, they’re sending a lot invitation out so please if you haven’t received one yet, don’t loose hope, yours it’s on the way.
  8. @brooks23 That’s wow!! Thanks for the insight. Much appreciated.
  9. Does anyone know the interview format at St. Francis, whether it’s MMI or one-on-one?
  10. I won’t worry about it, let’s keep our fingers crossed. There’s still hope
  11. I submitted on 5/20 and received confirmation email on 5/22.
  12. I heard back today but it wasn’t an interview invite, the email stated that they’re starting the review of applications in the upcoming weeks and asked if I haven’t committed to another program already and wants my application to be reviewed. I’m very optimistic that we’ll be hearing back from them very soon. Hopefully this helps
  13. It’s not MMI but a typical one-on-one interview style, two sections with 2 or 3 faculty members per section. It’s a very relaxed and they do everything to make you feel relax and less tense. I will encourage you to go for the informal meet-and-great, it’s very resourceful. I hope this is helpful. Let me know if I can be of a further assistance. I wish you the best of luck.
  14. Thanks a lot. I know the waiting is a killer but I know you’ll hear from them soon. Good luck. Can’t wait to hear your good news.
  15. OMG!! I got accepted! Just received an early notification email from QU. I can’t believe it.
  16. My mistake, I'm interviewing on the 21st not the 2nd. We are interviewing on same day. Good luck to us!
  17. I have an interview on October 2, is there anyone interviewing on same date?
  18. I haven’t seen any trend for the 2019-2020 application cycle and decided to start one. I hope I’m not too late.
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