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  1. I just gave up my interview spot, hopefully this opens up room for those waiting for an interview invitation. I have been accepted to my top school. Good luck everyone.
  2. Yes, I just wrote my Name and Yes and sent it. I received an email a day or two confirming that.
  3. I just received an interview invitation for November 18. I applied in 5/21.
  4. Yes, there is a written portion in the interview section. But I won’t worry too much about it. There’s no right or wrong answer in this section
  5. I gave up my interview spot to give other applicants the opportunity. All the best of luck to you guys interviewing on the 21st.
  6. I rented a car just for convenience, but it depends on your preference though. If you can get Uber to be there as early as you want, I don’t think it’s a bad idea.
  7. I also got an interview invite today, I submitted my application in May. Based on the invitation email, they’re sending a lot invitation out so please if you haven’t received one yet, don’t loose hope, yours it’s on the way.
  8. @brooks23 That’s wow!! Thanks for the insight. Much appreciated.
  9. Does anyone know the interview format at St. Francis, whether it’s MMI or one-on-one?
  10. I won’t worry about it, let’s keep our fingers crossed. There’s still hope
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