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  1. I emailed last week and yesterday I received a reply saying that the program may need a third round of interviews if they lose students out of the pool and that the class is full for May 2020. From what I understand there are still people on the waitlist as well.
  2. I emailed to get an update last Thursday and Kate replied saying my application is still under review and "the committee would be meeting later this month to determine whether additional interviews are necessary and select dates".
  3. Not yet. 10 business days from the interview would be this Friday so maybe some calls will go out this week.
  4. I did receive a follow up email. Audra confirmed the interview session I picked and then I just received another follow up confirmation the other day as well.
  5. In last years forum it looked like they extended invites for early December as well.
  6. I got an interview invitation yesterday as well for November 21st! I was verified on June 7th! I am SO excited!
  7. I don't think they have. I believe they are on the first week of June, but we haven't got an update in a little bit.
  8. Anyone hear of anymore interview invites being sent out?
  9. Someone just posted 11 hours ago that they received an interview invite for October and were verified 6/3. I think it’s safe to say they are already reviewing people applications that were verified that week.
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